Cal Poly Pomona ASCE Order of the Engineer

img-0248-origOn Friday, May 12 2017, the California Polytechnic University Pomona ASCE chapter (CPP ASCE) organized their annual Order of the Engineer event. The goal of the event is to get potential graduates and younger professionals to obligate themselves to uphold devotion to the standards and dignity of the engineering profession. The participants typically receive a ring. The ring is an excellent symbol of continuity and community. It is worn for all to see and in effect, says “here is an engineer possessed of a publicly avowed dedication to the profession and those it serves.” Participants were mainly CPP students, Cal Baptist University students, and San Bernardino/Riverside County ASCE professionals. The event commenced at approximately 4:30 pm with short speeches by Kenneth Cox (ASCE SBR President) and Jerry Burke (ASCE LA Section President-Elect). The introductory speeches focused on the history of the Order of the Engineer event, goals and insights of such an event, and recitation of the oath. Participants were then called to receive their rings by Professor Helen Jung from CBU and Professor Kenneth Lamb from Cal Poly. Ken and Jerry handed rings and certificates to the participants. The event was concluded with snacks and great conversations between the professionals and the students. The event was a great success. A special thanks to CPP ASCE for organizing such a great event.

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